About Us


AscensionPoint Recovery Services, LLC (APRS) is a nationally licensed estate and probate recovery specialist located near Minneapolis, Minnesota. Its core competency is managing decedent debt recoveries for credit grantors and service providers. APRS prides itself on its unwavering commitment to provide the best possible decedent debt solutions to its clients while respecting estate representatives and family members.

APRS was founded in 2007 by two Six Sigma Black Belts who had an idea to create a more survivor-centric approach to serve a vastly undersized market. At that time, the foundation was laid for a more empathetic approach to collections. This approach was built on the values of honesty, integrity and the pursuit of excellence all while remaining devoted to developing client partnerships and maintaining client branding in the marketplace. Thus, the concept of Survivor Centricity™ was born. Survivor Centricity™ is a unique approach and service offered by APRS to financial institutions and debt buyers to recover estate and probate debt on their behalf. It focuses on sensitivity and empathy to grieving family members, enhancing family members estate and probate collections experience, mitigating issues to ensure a smooth resolution of probate estate debts owed to creditors, providing superior customer service and generating enhanced recoveries. This is done by: (1) limiting touchpoints to family members via linking accounts and discussing each account with the authorized representative of an estate during each touchpoint; (2) having account representatives undergo grief training and client brand preservation training; and (3) utilizing rigorous data recovery and analysis methods to locate information regarding decedents and filed probates in which to submit claims. Survivor Centricity™ also focuses on meeting with government agencies and regulators to educate and inform them of the issues facing estate representatives relating to satisfying estate obligations.

Over the years, APRS has grown and its survivor-centric approach has attracted a very strong team of seasoned professionals that are committed to APRS’ original vision. Today, APRS is the leader in the decedent debt recovery industry. Our proven performance has increased client profitability and dramatically improved recovery rates while staying true to our core values.