Why is AscensionPoint contacting me?

AscensionPoint handles accounts for clients who have been informed their customer has passed away. We are one of several national estate and probate recovery specialists that receive these specialized accounts. The placement of an account with our office is not a negative reflection upon the account, the customer, or the family. It is merely the [...]

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I received a letter from AscensionPoint with no account information on it, but it asks me to contact them. Why is there no information in the letter?

That letter is often referred to as a “Location letter,” and is typically sent to the last known address our client had on file for its deceased customer. The letter is sent to help us ascertain with whom we should speak about the account. The initial letter does not contain any account information because we [...]

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Am I responsible for paying the debts of my deceased spouse or other deceased family member?

We do not seek to hold any family member personally responsible for the financial matters of a deceased customer. We only seek to resolve financial matters with the estate, if the estate is sufficiently solvent to do so. This is why we contact persons to ascertain the authorized Estate Representative. We operate on the assumption [...]

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How do I get AscensionPoint to stop calling me?

If you are receiving unwanted communications from our office, simply call our toll-free number so that we may discontinue communications. Please be sure to provide ALL the telephone numbers we have been calling so we can ensure that all applicable telephone numbers are properly handled. If you do not reach a representative, please leave a [...]

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I called AscensionPoint but the representative refused to tell me what this was about until I provided them with information. Why should I do this when they called me?

Like many institutions that handle confidential financial information, AscensionPoint is unable to disclose account information until a verification process is completed to ensure a caller is in fact the authorized Estate Representative. This process is not meant to make things more difficult, but to ensure that we are speaking with the proper person to discuss [...]

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I received a call or letter from AscensionPoint and see reports all over the Internet that this is a scam. What should I do?

Neither AscensionPoint nor any of its clients are attempting to scam anyone. Ascension Point is a legitimate licensed entity with an impeccable Better Business Bureau rating. When a person passes away, their sole financial obligations typically do not disappear and it is normally up to the person’s estate to resolve any financial matters, to the [...]

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My relative always handled their financial matters timely and with due care. Since I know this to be true, why would I need to speak to AscensionPoint now?

Many people handle their financial matters responsibly and remit payment by the agreed upon due date. In some instances, a timely remittance covers all activity on an account through the due date. In other instances, a remitted payment may not cover all account activity through the due date, but rather though some earlier activity period. [...]

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I am the authorized party for the estate but there are no assets to satisfy any financial matters of the deceased. How do I get AscensionPoint to stop contacting me?

If the estate has no assets or is completely insolvent, please call or write to let us know so we can ensure that you receive no further unnecessary communications. In some instances, we may ask you to provide an inventory or accounting (i.e., a document that lists the assets and liabilities of the estate) if [...]

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