Like many institutions that handle confidential financial information, AscensionPoint is unable to disclose account information until a verification process is completed to ensure a caller is in fact the authorized Estate Representative. This process is not meant to make things more difficult, but to ensure that we are speaking with the proper person to discuss the financial matters of the estate, to protect against any unauthorized third-party disclosure of the deceased customer’s financial information and to protect the deceased customer’s privacy. The verification process typically includes obtaining the decedent’s full name, the authorized party’s full name and one or more of the following: decedent’s date of birth, date of death or the last four digits of the decedent’s social security number. We are required to complete the verification process on all calls even if a caller previously completed it on a recent call. This is similar to the process that all consumers go through when contacting their own respective financial institutions; the financial institution typically will not discuss account information until identification is verified. If you feel uncomfortable with confirming any information, then please do let our representatives know that you no longer wish to discuss the matter or be contacted by us further.