Neither AscensionPoint nor any of its clients are attempting to scam anyone. Ascension Point is a legitimate licensed entity with an impeccable Better Business Bureau rating. When a person passes away, their sole financial obligations typically do not disappear and it is normally up to the person’s estate to resolve any financial matters, to the extent that the estate is in a position to do so. The majority of our clients have customers who passed away with open accounts, which were closed after their passing and sent to us for resolution. Unfortunately, we are unable to control what people post on the Internet. Not everything found on the Internet is always accurate. If you feel uncomfortable discussing a financial matter with our office and would like no further communications from AscensionPoint, please contact us so we can discontinue further communications. However, if you received a call or letter and would like to know why we are contacting you, please feel free to contact us. Our toll-free number is 888-806-9074 (TTY: 800-735-2922).