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AscensionPoint is the premier Estate and Probate service provider in the United States. Founded in 2007, we are a nationally licensed recovery specialist and have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. We are committed to a unique approach that prioritizes compassion for grieving family members as we facilitate the smooth resolution of financial matters on behalf of our Clients.

What does AscensionPoint do?

As a nationally licensed recovery specialist, we focus solely on Estate and Probate matters, which is a highly regulated industry requiring extensive knowledge about the law and how the Probate system works. When our Clients have a Customer who has recently passed away, we assist our Clients in resolving any of the Decedent’s financial matter placed with us. We operate on the assumption that as one of our Client’s valued Customers, the Decedent would want their financial matter resolved appropriately. Therefore, we strive to assist family members and Authorized Estate Representatives to resolve the financial matters of a Decedent with the utmost empathy and respect.

Why am I being contacted by AscensionPoint?

We are contacting you in our effort to resolve financial matters related to the Decedent’s account that was placed in our office. The first step is to identify the Authorized Estate Representative, also known as the Executor or Personal Representative. We may have contacted you for your help in identifying the Authorized Estate Representative. Once the Authorized Estate Representative is verified, we seek to resolve any financial matters placed in our office to the extent that the Estate is able to do so.

Is my data secure with AscensionPoint?

Data security and compliance are our highest priorities at AscensionPoint. We value Customers’ and their family members’ privacy and are committed to upholding the trust our Clients place in us with their personal data.

Compliance is an ongoing process, not a one-time checklist. It is essential to ensure the prevention, detection, and immediate response of any unauthorized access or disclosure of financial information. AscensionPoint ensures that we are meeting and following the PCI 3.2 data security standards and ISO 27002 framework for best practice guidelines.


Do you have more questions? Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions Page (FAQs).

Do you have more questions? Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page by clicking here.

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