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Survivor Centricity

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Survivor Centricity

Survivor Centricity® is a unique service we offer to financial institutions and financial matter acquisitions companies to resolve a Decedent’s financial matters on our Clients’ behalf. Our approach emphasizes:

    • Sensitivity and empathy to grieving family members
    • Mitigating issues to ensure a smooth resolution of the financial matters of an Estate.
    • Superior Customer service
    • Informing and advocating with lawmakers issues important to deceased family members in the context of deceased recoveries

    Our three-step strategy for implementation includes:

Limiting touchpoints to family members via linking financial matters and discussing each financial matter with the Authorized Estate Representative once identified

Having AscensionPoint representatives undergo grief training and Client brand preservation training

Utilizing rigorous data recovery and analysis methods to locate information regarding Decedents and filed Probates in which to submit creditor claims

Survivor Centricity® has resulted in increased recoveries by our Clients and improved satisfaction by Decedent’s family members. Since launching the service in 2007, we have sustained a 10-year growth average of 26% highlighted by AscensionPoint topping $100M in revenue in 2020 alone. Survivor Centricity® also focuses on meeting with government agencies and regulators to educate and inform them of the issues facing Estate representatives relating to satisfying Estate obligations.

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